Square Business Cards: Stand out from the crowd

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Business cards have been around for generations. We have it, our parents had it, and so do our grandparents. Business cards are contact details of a person printed on a card and meant to be exchanged with others. These cards are also meant to reflect the person or company’s brand. When you receive a business card, you would automatically know what that person is trying to sell, or what the company is about. Some may have it printed on only one side, and others may have it printed on both sides. For years, business cards would be on a standard size of 2 inches by 3.5 inches. However as technology evolves so does innovation and one’s creativity. Now we’ve got cards in all shapes, sizes, and materials. But for now let’s talk about the business card that has caught our attention; the square.

Ever since Instagram started the “square trend” few years ago, many broke their shapes and followed the trend. Square business cards started in 2013, however it hasn’t really surfaced much over the years. Was it because people haven’t really heard of it? Or are they just sticking to the old, classic, and formal ones? Although square business cards are smaller compared to the rectangle ones, they are still able to provide the same function in a limited amount of space. They still remain classy and artistic while showing the owner’s brand.

You may have noticed that designs nowadays evolve into a more simpler state. They are straight to the point, but does not lose the brand’s identity. And that’s one feature of the square business cards. Another feature of this wonderful card is that it’s easier to stack. Because of its shape, you won’t have to worry about its length’s and width’s because it’s the same size.

Owning a square business card is definitely  a stand out factor due to its uniqueness. First impression always counts, why not leave one that makes your customers and viewers wanting to see more of what you can offer.

These unique cards are suitable for anyone. Take a look of some of the designs we did:

We design these cards for a visual artist. With this design, he is able to show a featured artwork on one side and his contact details on the other. (Check out his portfolio here).

We designed these cards for a cafe. With this design, the cafe is able to show their  featured dish on one side and their contact details on the other.

And for this last design, we created one for our company. Since our company has a mascot, we decided to have one side for the logo or mascot, and the other side for the contact details. In other cases, companies can also feature their products or services.

Convinced yet? Do you want one of your own? Give us a call and we’ll design one for you!

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