Square Business Cards

By Cubis Bytes 2 years ago



Some people may say that the age of business cards is dying. The question is, is it? When meeting new people or possible clients it would be difficult just to tell them all your contact information or where to find you in social media. It would be very luck for them to have a pen and paper ready, but it would still be a hassle when they have to write everything down. That’s where business cards come in, you can easily give people your contact information without having to go through all those writing.

And since Cubis Bytes is about breaking the status quo and bringing something unique, and innovative to our customers, we tried out the Square business cards. It won’t only contain your contact details, but it will also tell your clients about you, your brand, and what you could offer. We created sample business cards for different industries. Take a look at the designs and video we did below.

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