Outstanding Logo Design Trends for 2017

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As 2016 ends, we welcome 2017 with optimism and open arms. Let’s start the year great! And what better way to start it than to know the upcoming Logo Design Trends for the year. If you are planning to have your own logo or planning to update your old one, then this is for you!

Here are Great Logo Design Trends for 2017:



Sometimes we want to impress people with an outstanding logo, we would think about using a lot of details. However, sometimes it is better to be simple. “Less is More”, “Simplicity is Beauty”, these are the usual words we would hear. And is especially true when it comes to logo design. For some time now, we’ve seen a lot of graphic elements that have been redesigned to look simpler. Bevels, 3D’s, and shadow effects have been removed. And color palettes have reduced. Minimalist logos are given a flat and simple look.

Minimalist designs are both Practical and Purpose Driven. They are Easy On The Eyes and is Direct To The Point. It can be a much bolder statement to go minimal. Fact its most successful companies do it.

Known companies with Minimalism logos: Google, Microsoft, Amazon




We’ve seen a lot of Hand-drawn logos come to life, especially in company logos that we least expect. You may think that Hand-drawn logos may be childish or might not be for you, but it is more than you think. Hand-drawn logos have a Human Touch. In the world of technology nowadays a human touch can go a long way. It helps convey your brand’s Warm, Quirky, Authentic, And Joyful Personality.

Hand-draw Logos are becoming popular especially in industries such as cafes,  restaurants, cakes,  desserts, and flower shops. It can also be used in personal logos or clothing brands.

Known companies with Hand-Drawn logos : Coca Cola, Chupa Chups, Walt Disney




Negative space logos are smart and creative. They Grab People’s Attention At First Glance. They play around with the space available to form an illustration. Sometimes you have to look closely to see other details in the design. Take the spoon logo design above, it may look like two spoons on a circle but if you look again, these spoons and circle create an “S” which stands for the first letter of the brand name.

The negative space logo may be challenging to do but it creates a Unique and Memorable logo design.

Known companies with Negative Space logos : FedEx, WWF, Spartan Golf Club




Like minimalism, Line Art logos also take a Simple Approach. But unlike minimalism, Line Art logos usually uses a line icon design of the symbol of the company. When these designs are created, the symbols are simplified in a creative manner that leaves a memorable statement to viewers. Take for example the “Wild Groves” logo above, instead of having an actual icon or silhouette of a fox, the designer played around with lines to create a unique fox icon.

The lines used to make up the logo have consistent thickness. It gives out a Fun, Laid Back and Modern Approach to logo design. This can be for anyone, especially those who wants to take a modern approach in their business image.




Although we would like to keep everything modern, sometimes it is also great to bring the past in the present. Vintage logos gives out an authentic feel that stands the test of time. It reminds us of good past memories and emotions. Vintage logo designs can give out a feeling that the business has been around for a very long time. Thus resonating to the viewer the longevity and confidence of the brand.

Vintage logos may not be as simple as the other logos mentioned earlier, but it has its own uniqueness. Vintage logos are great for boutiques, flower stores, coffee shops, furniture shops.


What logo design trend of 2017 resonated to you the most? Are you planning on having a logo for your business? If you’re having a difficulty choosing the perfect logo for your business, you can leave a comment below or contact us, we’ll be glad to help you out.

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