FREE blog vs. paid blog - header2 Since you’ve come here, you might be deciding whether to choose between using FREE Blog vs. PAID Blog Hosting for your blog. In this article, I will share with you some keypoints to help you make this important decision. Seasoned bloggers already know the answer to this question but for the aspiring bloggers, this is a very important decision to make. I’ve based all the information in this article from my careful research and analysis, Read More
cubis-bytes-logo-design-trends-2017 As 2016 ends, we welcome 2017 with optimism and open arms. Let’s start the year great! And what better way to start it than to know the upcoming Logo Design Trends for the year. If you are planning to have your own logo or planning to update your old one, then this is for you! Here are Great Logo Design Trends for 2017: 1. MINIMALISM Sometimes we want to impress people with an outstanding logo, Read More
While it’s true that keeping your website updated takes a lot of time, effort, and work, you should never neglect it. We’ve taken the time to help you understand the importance and benefits of constantly updating your website by sharing with you our careful research and study on businesses who regularly update their website and those who don’t. The most common mistake made by businesses is to have a website developed and just leave it Read More
Business cards have been around for generations. We have it, our parents had it, and so do our grandparents. Business cards are contact details of a person printed on a card and meant to be exchanged with others. These cards are also meant to reflect the person or company’s brand. When you receive a business card, you would automatically know what that person is trying to sell, or what the company is about. Some may Read More